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PL^G is a toolkit for building business-ready, blockchain based applications and solutions for organisations of all sizes.

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What is

The PL^G platform consists of a toolkit and network, which have been designed for enterprise level interoperability and the technology needs of modern businesses.

The PL^G Toolkit allows for the creation of production-ready blockchain systems. Our toolkit enables businesses to incorporate blockchain as a layer in their existing tech stack, rather than needing to re-write their systems to work in a blockchain platform.

Our toolkit provides you with open source SDK’s and components that can be used to create your own network. They can be public, consortium or hybrid networks.

PL^Gnet provides cross chain functionality, allowing different networks to communicate and share information with each other.

Key features

Common language

PL^G is written in Rust: a common language that most developers can already write in or learn, without having to learn a new, unwieldy, or obscure language.

Easy to understand

The PL^G framework can be used and implemented much like any other traditional software library, removing the usual execution and maintenance risks.

Trustless interactions

PL^G is designed to allow different applications (or groups of users) to create trustless interactions between different PL^G networks and between PL^G and other blockchains. PL^G allows each use case to evolve in its own right, while still maintaining fidelity in transactions between them.

Flexibility, control, and security

PL^G provides flexibility, control, and security when building permissioned blockchains for business-driven services.

Easy integration

When building on the fully decentralised public PL^Gnet, the PL^G framework enables easy integration with pre-existing technologies into the blockchain.

 Truly global

By connecting smaller, diverse blockchain networks together we are able to create a truly global, scalable, and evolving blockchain layer of the internet.

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