The 2018 release of the exciting new PLUG blockchain framework has been confirmed. The team will begin a staged open source release commencing next month.


PLUG Director Product Delivery, Bradley Raby has been working with core development teams located in the UK and New Zealand. He says the team has made some major breakthroughs creating world-firsts in designing components that create the ability for blockchains to be used in everyday applications in the real world. The core focus is interoperability, proof of ownership, identity and integration. PLUG has developed a very modular approach – the ability to customise components of your blockchain to suit a particular business need.


Next month’s release will allow the public to see the PLUG blockchain running and explore transactions. Applications on this initial network are being built by the Centrality and Qadre community with a wider developer release planned for September, before open sourcing in November.


For the first time, the PLUG framework offers organisations a modular blockchain solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems. The PLUG framework enables businesses to create systems that utilize blockchain as a layer in the tech stack, rather than requiring them to rewrite systems from scratch. This will help existing enterprises and startups take advantage of blockchain without having to re-engineer their whole tech stack.


The PLUG framework will also address many of the security and scaling issues that have plagued existing blockchain technologies.


A growing number of organisations worldwide are already looking to PLUG to enable both consumer-facing and business-focused blockchain solutions to address an array of business issues from identity to supply chain management. China’s Wanda International Technology Group will build an ecosystem connecting consumers, retailers and other parties. Tokyo-based, Jasmy will use PLUG to build a new blockchain-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) platform. And InfiniVision and Centrality will work with McDonalds China, investment company CITIC, and Chinese department store conglomerate BaiLian to create consumer-facing blockchain solutions on PLUG.


The November open source will make the ground-breaking platform available to any organisation with a business issue that blockchain solution can address.


“I’m confident PLUG is now at a stage where it is ready to be utilised to build business-ready blockchains simply and effectively,” says Bradley.


“A staged release allows us to really put PLUG through its paces before we release it to the world later in the year.”

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