World-leading communications platform Sylo has this week released the closed alpha release of its decentralised DApp on PL^G blockchain.

Sylo’s much-anticipated decentralised communications platform, due for full release later in the year, will offer consumers concerned about the security of personal data shared while online, a more secure and user-friendly alternative.

The new Sylo DApp will add a brand new interface, stickers, digital wallet integration alongside their popular secure chat and video calling functionality.

“We feel strongly that users should be in full control of how they communicate and the information they share online,” says co-founder Ben Jordan.

“The PL^G blockchain platform has enabled Sylo to finally move into a secure, fully decentralised environment because it offers the ability to enable communication between different blockchains as well as future-proof functionality to scale up as Sylo does,” he says.

Alongside putting the new DApp through its paces, plans are underway for Sylo users to access a growing list of complementary services including crypto exchange services, identity confirmation, taxi ordering, crypto-enabled gaming, and even the ability to book and pay for dinner at cafes and restaurants.

The PL^G blockchain framework offers organisations a practical, user-friendly and modular blockchain solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems. This will help existing enterprises and start-ups take advantage of customisable blockchain solutions without having to re-engineer their whole tech stack. The PL^G framework also addresses many of the security and scaling issues which have plagued existing blockchain technologies.

The Sylo alpha release forms part of PL^G blockchain’s staged community release before its open source in November. Check out Sylo in action here.