Our story

For the last two years the PL^G team have been developing our technology to support our vision of a blockchain-enabled future. We’ve incorporated lessons learned from other projects to ensure that we aim to produce a world class stable foundation for the wider community to contribute too.

The New Zealand based teams are collaborating with software development teams globally and bring a mixture of technical, regulatory, legal, and cultural understanding to the PL^G project.


Aaron McDonald

Aaron is a 20 year tech industry veteran with experience leading teams across all aspects of a technology company. Aaron has held leadership positions in large technology companies managing portfolios over $1b in value across engineering and architecture, product management, product development, marketing and sales.

Zach LeBeau

A published novelist and TV and music producer, Zach has also overseen the management and establishment of a wide range of commercial entities all over the world from alternative energy to luxury clothing. In 2013, Zach moved to New York to become part of the decentralization phenomenon. In 2014, he co-founded SingularDTV, whose mission is to build a decentralized entertainment industry that empowers creators.


Anne Patterson
Head of Community

Anne has worked in the tech industry for over 5 years across London, Sydney and Auckland. She has rolled out integrated marketing campaigns across multiple channels to support product launches, most recently at Samsung UK. Anne is responsible for developing the PL^G community strategy and maintaining PL^G communities to support user retention, business development, and increase brand recognition.

Jordan Beauchamp
Senior Developer

Jordan has a wealth of experience across financial applications, data mining, and distributed systems. He is a senior developer on the PL^G platform, building the smart contract and identity components.

Bradley Raby

Bradley has been in the IT industry for over 25 years. He has held delivery and leadership roles in London, Singapore and New Zealand; delivering a number of change programmes to both the public and private sectors. Bradley’s current focus is leading the day to day growth and operations of the company and responsible for the delivery of the PL^G deployment programme.

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