The PL^G toolkit has been designed to help developers get ahead quickly when creating blockchain networks.

We’ve developed an easy to use toolkit for developers to create PL^G blockchains. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, simply access the developer portal, download our software to set up a node and create a new network depending on your own requirements.

PL^Gnet will allow blockchain networks work more like the internet.

By connecting smaller, diverse blockchain networks together we are able to create a truly global, scalable, and evolving blockchain layer. Just as the internet is a series of smaller physical networks that are connected into a larger logical network through common protocols.

Scalable blockchain infrastructure

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes and some of the most common concerns we hear about moving to a blockchain environment are:

PL^G has been designed to address scaling issues that have impacted the adoption of existing blockchain technologies. Built with real-world businesses and organisations in mind we’ve created a library of modular components. You can choose the ones that are right for your business and customise the way you build your blockchain.

PL^G is easily implemented without having to change existing environments significantly or start from scratch. A simple to use toolkit for developers to pick up and adapt without learning new skills – WASM uses the most common developer languages and toolkits.

PL^Gnet, will enable a peer-to-peer environment for other blockchains, who are either based on the PL^G framework, or utilise other core technologies. PL^Gnet will allow customers to build services that can interact with other blockchain-based applications, without the application requiring manual integration for each different protocol and/or network.

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